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Custom Garden Designs, Fencing, Bird Houses, Bee Hives and Wooden Lawn Furniture

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Whether you are looking to enjoy your garden more, enhance the value of your property by creating greater curb appeal, or seek a piece of custom garden furniture, Tulsa Cabinet Guy will work with your design needs to customize and craft the best solution.  Cabinet Makers and furniture artisans employ time-honored methods to every project.
Garden Bench w ArborDon Juan Rose

Tree BenchTree Bench Close up

For a unique gift or garden addition, consider commissioning Tulsa Cabinet Guy to make a bird house modeled after your own home. Customers are also requesting bat houses to control their flying insect populations and beehives (visible above left, just left of the lemon tree) to assist with pollenation. Call today for consultation on any enhancement you seek (large or small): custom garden arbors, trellis, fencing, tables, chairs and benches.

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